Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Studio Project 03

Below is the link to the video documentation of my project. I used borrowed furniture (from around campus and from my house) to create a transformed environment inside the Goodpaster elevator. The intent was for a normally isolating space to become social, to encourage personal interaction where we would normally refrain, which given the slow foot traffic meant that I inhabited the space as a sort of performer so that the viewer could use me as a "canvas" for their own transformed personal experience. In other words, I let the viewer determine their own experience (duration of their ride, response to the social cues of the space, etc.) and I responded as myself (another person, but not "the artist") so that our dynamic would remain person/person and not become artist/viewer. This project is a response to the reading on Relational Aesthetics, particularly the idea of human interaction as art.

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