Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visual Project 02: Progress

Ideas for sound-based response to John Cage: “Sounds of St. Mary’s”

-          Collect audio from the everyday around campus (i.e., naturally occurring, though overlooked sounds from around campus)
-          Elevating the everyday "noise"
-          Particularly effective because St. Mary’s tends to be thought of as a very “quiet” campus
-          Current plan is to cut into a “song,” loop sounds to create a beat; nothing so mixed that it masks the origins of the sounds, but if I could create a melody that might be interesting  
-          Possible sources for sound:
o   Bell
o   Water (waves lapping on shore and/or fountains
o   Wind
o   Footsteps (on path or stairs)
o   Doors slamming à drum?
o   Sail slapping
o   Door swipe (*beep*)
o   Projector’s powering on/off
o   Birds
o   Indistinct voices (like passing conversations under way)
o   Etc.

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